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What is Big Data?
What is Big DataBig Data or Unstructured Data is a collection of data sets so large and complex that it becomes difficult to process using on-hand database management tools or traditional data processing applications. The challenges include capture, curation, storage, search, sharing, transfer, analysis, and visualization. Data becomes "big data" when it basically outgrows your current ability to process it, store it, and cope with it efficiently. Storage has become very cheap in the past decade, which means it has become easy to collect mountains of data. However, our ability to actually process the mountains of data quickly has not scaled as fast. Traditional tools to analyse and store data were not designed to deal with vast data problems. A number of recent technology advancements are enabling organizations to make the most of big data. Across industries and verticals, companies are assessing how to manage the volume, variety, and velocity of their information and create a data platform that leverages these large volumes of data to derive timely insight while preserving their existing investments in information management.
Big Data Solutions
Big Data Solution
Hadoop is a popular tool for organizing the racks and racks of servers, and NoSql databases are popular tools for storing data on these racks. Hadoop jobs are written in Java, and that requires another level of sophistication. The tools for tackling big data are just beginning to package this distributed computing power in a way..
Big Data Analytics
Big Data Analytics
Big data analytics is the process of examining large amounts of data to uncover hidden patterns, unknown correlations and other useful information. The primary goal of big data analytics is to help companies make better business decisions by enabling them to analyze huge volumes of transaction data as well as other data sources..
Hadoop and Big Data
Hadoop and Big Data
Organizations are discovering that important predictions can be made by analyzing Big Data. However, since most of this data is "unstructured", it must be formatted in a way that that makes it suitable for data mining and subsequent analysis. Hadoop is the core platform for structuring Big Data, and solves the problem of making it..